Anatomy of Rugs

Oriental rugs most often presents symbol of wealth in the living areas. Many of them have become more affordable in time, but still they are a symbol of high class living style. Each style of a rug have their own unique anatomy. To be able to see the details of anatomy of rugs need professional eye to see the value threaded to it uniquely with each knot.

The Foundation Threads in Anatomy of Rugs

The term foundation is used to describe the threads that make up the base of the rug. These are usually cotton or wool threads that are woven horizontally and vertically. They can be made of other materials such as silk, cotton and wool. The horizontal threads on the anatomy of rugs are the weft threads. “Weft” threads are easily seen because they go to the “left”. The threads which run from top to bottom are the warp threads. These are the threads you see as the fringe of the carpet. Below you see the white strands of thread sticking out from the rug, some call them tassels, but they are more widely known as fringe. All these terms are a part of the anatomy of the rugs.

The Pile in Anatomy of Rugs

The pile of an oriental rug describes the knotted material on the foundation. It is what you feel when you walk on the rug. The pile is mostly wool, but in some cases it may also be silk. The wool is knotted on to the foundation threads by very skilled professional weavers. They follow a design that has been drawn on paper. Without the pile, you do not have an oriental rug.

Components of a finished rug

Once the rug is finished, there are several more terms to know. The edges are the areas on the left and right sides of the rug that hold together the foundation threads. The field is the open space of the rug. It is not the design itself, but rather the background, blank space that surrounds the actual design.

The Borders of Rugs

The border is the area around the field. Some rugs have more than one border and some just only have one. The border can be seen as a frame. It is the frame around the main design. The design is the overall pattern of the rug. It could be floral, geometric, tribal.

anatomy of rugs

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