Art Deco of Handwoven Rugs

Making a decision on buying the best handwoven rugs is more like digging out a fine piece of art or an antique from a treasure chest, than simply purchasing a floor covering for your area. You need to know the details of the knots and the history in the background. Also handwoven rugs are art pieces and are real heritages for decades.

The process of handwoven rugs starts with wool. Only 40% of the wool sheared from the animal can be used. After the wool is separated, it is washed in a process called scarving sometimes 4 times.

Hand spinning of wool is a real art process, that needs care and assistance of professional women.

Extracted color from vegetables, plants and fruits is used for dyeing the wool. Women who has special skills choose the colors they use, sometimes they choose from over 500 different shades of colors. The process of creating the color dyes is a science schedule usually known only by a few locals.

hand woven rugs Turkish

Craftsmen dye the wool in large caldrons fueled with wood. The wool needs fine attention to each bunch of wool.  Dyed wool is dried in the sun and open air for up to 3 or 4 days.

Unique designs are drawn by hand on paper by artists. The design is transferred to a larger piece of graph paper in the size of the rug. Designs and patterns reflect the region and culture of the artist and may require many hours to complete.

Weavers use looms with hand hooks to shape the colors of wool into the vision of the artist. This is the hardest process. Knot types can also help us to determine from which region the rug was produced. Woven rugs are compressed in the weaving process ensuring their longevity and durability. After that the finished rug is washed and dried for many times. This final process is known as making the rug to the correct size of proportions.

Understanding the true value of a hand woven rug is very important for us to have some idea about its value. From the wool and colour to the design and style, this unique antique art makes your houses replenish.

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