Bohemian Style Everywhere

Bohemian style is all joyful textures and fun play with vibrant colors. Although it reprsents a touch of liberty in decoration, it can be associated with eclectic style. Anyway Bohemian style is all more than that. The word “Bohemian” comes from the French word for “gypsy,” and it applies to those who live unconventional, which means artistic inspirational lives. That makes the word ”freedom” in style.

Bohemian Style in Fashion

Bohemian style in fashion side makes us dream of travelers, hippies, artists, gypsies, and also other free spirit  people that have their own selfish styles. The Bohemian style is much more expressed individually and that means the style is as diverse as for any individual. The style represent the individual’s own feelings, freedom and choices. So if you like to have a clean and basic style look, then Bohemian style is not suitable for you. If you like colorful collections, outstanding accessories and unconventional designs, be free to go for Bohemian.

Bohemian Style in Decoration

In Bohemian style decoration, you can mix old and new items with colorful designs. Modern goes well with vintage-inspired accessories. A lacquered wooden chair could accompany an old style, colorful oriental rug. Or, the more modern white furniture can make an excellent background for other Bohemian style objects and furnitures.

Bohemian style in decotaion

In Bohemian Decoration, feel free to use every space in the area. Mix anything you love with rugs and carpets. Keep your mind open and feel free because in this style, the sky is only the limit. The fabrics can shine by themselves on any object. Colorful or just green plants, inspirational lambs, oriental rugs and throw around pillows are the neccessary elements to inspire the decoration.

Bohemian Style Tips

In Bohemian style, handmade is your best friend. The same rules apply here. Unique individuality makes great company for handmade accessories like pillows, rugs, ornaments, curtains and etc. The handmade item can be either an oriental rug or a pillow on a chair.

But the point is, creating a Bohemian style does not mean more is more do whatever you like. The items you choose has to make good company together in a sense of touch. Covering every space does not mean spread everything around. Keep an eye on the details that goes well with each other. Otherwise being ratty will be inevitable.

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