Overdyed Vintage Rugs

Overdyed Vintage Rugs need care

Overdyed vintage rugs needs more care because of their antiquity value. If we know the details of an overdyed vintage rug, then we can ask the right questions to the seller in a buying process. The style of the dye is very important because the rugs are vintage, that means they are high in value.

What does Overdyed Mean?

Overdyed is used for “color reformed rugs”  that has been going through a gentle dyeing process. In this process, the original color of the rug is washed out and then a single vibrant color is added on to it.  Overdyeing helps us to save any vintage or antique style rug that has color fading.

The only types of rugs that can be overdyed are:

* Antique wool hand knotted rugs

* Vintage wool hand knotted rugs

Antique and vintage hand knotted rugs are woven by an artisan on a special designed loom only for this process. Each knot is tied by hand by an artisan. Hand knotting creates a hand crafted piece of art that is one-of-a-kind in the market.

On the other hand, hand tufted and synthetic rugs can not be overdyed, because the knots can fall apart in the hard process. In that rug style, a fabric backing is glued onto the back to hold the rug knots together, then a fringe is glued or sometimes sewn on to it. So the rugs made with that technique cannot withstand the color de-saturation and overdyeing process, because the material used can make them fall apart.

overdyed vintage rugs need care

What Type of Dyes are Used in OverDyed Vintage Rugs?

Only vegetable dye to produce the most vibrant and environmentally friendly rug possible has to be used in overdyed vintage rugs, or any antique ones. Although chemical compounds will produce more vibrant color, the chemical dyes may emit toxic fumes into the atmosphere and into your home, so you must be aware of that.

How can we clean an Overdyed Vintage Rug?

An overdyed vintage rug can be cleaned exactly the same way you would clean any other wool rug.

As long as the rug was overdyed, using the proper methods, you will not have to worry about losing the rug.

Be sure you do not use chemicals in cleaning the vintage rug. You have to be gentle and use less material. In fact the best way is to call professional rug cleaners.

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