Repairing Rugs

Repairing rugs is one of the most important issues because you need to keep the value of an oriental rug especially.  Throughout the years rugs can be torn, fringes may look pale, the colors may fade away. It’s important to be able to repair any issues you have with your rugs before other new damages occur and destroy all of it.

How to Take Care of Your Rugs

Maintenance of your rugs edges are important in  protecting your rug. If the edges of your rug become torn out, the entire body of your rug can get affected and fall apart. When this starts to happen, it will be better to call a professional rug repair specialist to have it repaired.

As soon as once you see the problem in the rug’s surface, you have to take action and in that way you can preserve your rug for many more years.

repairing rugs

Fringe Repairs of A Rug

Regular vacuuming of a rug with an electric vacuum cleaner is good for the rug. Without regular vacuuming, dirt on the surface of the rug will filter down into the pile where it can accumulate and cause increased wear. The brushes within a vacuum do a good job on machine-made carpeting, but they can make a disaster on the top layer of an oriental rug’s pile and fringe.

The fringe repair can be made with an overcast stitch technique. This method includes sewing the edges of the rug to make its original fringing and to prevent further wear. The overcast stitch will preserve your rugs strength and stop it from unweaving. Overcast stitching is often used on especially handmade oriental rugs.

Patching of A Rug

Oriental rugs are woven to stand years of use. However; water, moth damage, carpet beetle, vacuum, chemical, sun damages can leave your rugs in poor state.

Vacuum your rug often in the mentioned way, both front and back sides, and turn it upside down every 3 months to prevent uneven wear. Avoid placing potted plants on the rug, and keep an eye on your pets. Keep an eye on the rug periodically for signs of any damage. When you see a problem, call a professional.

Only professional repairman can repair damages done to your rug. Repairing rugs is a skill. They put in new threads into the surrounding fabric to start rebuilding damaged area. By carefully selecting matching colored yarns, they will reweave or re-knot the pile using the exact type of knot while recreating missing or damaged motifs and patterns. That is called patching.

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